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Why hire 2-4 different firms and agencies to accomplish your goals?
The Myss Miranda Agency specializes in handling everything,
bringing you the benefit of speed, timing, communication, follow through.


Let us design and develop a website which will get you, your company, your products and the brand you're creating, more visability. 

design & development


We handle any graphic design (print & digital) need you have - from logo creation, to print ads, to full branded marketing campaigns.

print & digital


Nothing enhances your marketing campaigns like a video! From 15 second spots to full length features and documentaries, we can do it!

make it move

I am not JUST a Designer

- Myss Miranda

graphic design • website development • video editing
plus some more groovy things you never even thought about

I Am the Groovy, Gothic, Graphical Mastermind and Super Hero!

Yes. I totally said Super Hero

I have designed one end of the spectrum to the other – from beautifully aesthetic online galleries for professional artists to grungy horror movie sites, even plain and simple.

I am a graphic designing, web building super nerd and have been most of my life. But there are more tools in my tool box that just design and development ... video editing, marketing campaigns, and even festival production can be found on my list of skill.

When I say I do it all, yes. I do.


25+ years in the graphic design and website development business have earned Myss Miranda a Super Hero title.

Notable Website Clients