Video Editing

Video IS My Favorite Service!

Small to large projects, it doesn’t matter!

I have edited 15 second spots, 30 second commercials, feature films and even  documentaries.

Nothing enhances your campaigns like a video does! It’s the wave of the future! Brand your message on video, then send that message out through your website onto your social networks – before you know it, you’ve got a viral video!

Let me help you, because video is the most powerful tool in our box of tricks!

Video Editing

  • 15 Second Spots
  • 30 Second Commercials
  • 5-30 minute Infomercials
  • Video Presentations
  • Short Narratives
  • Short Documentaries
  • Feature Length Documentaries
  • Feature Length Narratives
  • Music Videos
  • YouTube Channel Content
  • Television Episodes

Video Portfolio

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